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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Fireguards

Can my child get their hand through the bars of the fireguard?

The safest answer to this is "Yes" but first consider these following facts:

  1. You can teach a child not to touch a fire but it is impossible to teach a child NOT to trip and fall.
  2. The main cause of accidents with children under 5 is from tripping and falling.
  3. There are over 4000 Superior Fireguards installed throughout New Zealand, with many satisfied customers. To avoid burning accidents from children reaching through the fireguard, we strongly advise to keep to the recommended minimum clearances from the fire. If in doubt, please confirm recommended clearances for your specific burner from the manufacturer.
  4. Kids' arms are not that long. If you are still concerned that your child may be at risk then you can increase the size of the fireguard to compensate for this.
  5. Many years ago we made a mesh-type fireguard. This allowed children to get their little toes and fingers into the fireguard and climb it. One customers comment was "Thanks very much, I now have a play gym around a hot burning fire".

How far from the burner should the fireguard be?

We recommend a minimum clearance of 300mm from the front of the heater and 250mm from the sides. We strongly recommend you check the manufacturers recommendations for clearances for your specific burner - in case they recommend greater clearances.

Do the fireguards get hot?

Yes, but not hot enough to burn, as long as the fireguard is installed around the hearth (not on the hearth). Or if there is no hearth, we recommend a minimum clearance of 300mm from the front of the heater and 250mm from the sides. (Sometimes the fire hearth is very big - if so, you can revert to the "No hearth rule").

Do I measure from the wall or the skirting board?

If you are measuring from the wall (that is, you do not have a skirting board), subtract 20mm to allow for the hook that attaches to the wall, otherwise measure from the skirting board.

Can I store my fireguard away in the summer months?

Yes. Just undo a few bolts and the fireguard is dismantled into separate panels.

How does the fireguard attach to the wall etc?

Just screw the "screw eyes" into the wall and drop the attached hooks into the eye of the screw eye. (All wall attachments are supplied with the fireguard.)

Do I have to attach the fireguard to the wall?

No, the fireguards are self-supporting but is recommended to use the wall attachments.

What is the gap between the bars?

The maximum gap size is 50mm (5cm).

Do you make curved fireguards to fit my curved hearth?

Yes. Both the deluxe and standard fireguards can be made to fit around a curved shape.

How heavy are your fireguards?

The average weight is around 17 kg.

How high are the fireguards?


Do you have certain panel sizes?

For Custom-built Fireguards we make exactly the size you require. That is, if you need a size of 728mm we will make it 728mm - we do not round up or down. This means you get a snug fitting fireguard. The sides of the fireguard can also be different if needed.

Can I get an optional door in a Custom-made Fireguard?

Yes, select the 'Door' option in the Custom Built section of the Fireguard page.

How Do I Install a Superguard Fireguard?

If you are installing a Standard Fireguard, download our Superguard Installation Instructions (500 KB PDF)


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About the optional Fireguard doors

Are the optional doors for the fireguards childproof?

The fireguard doors work on a lift up and pull out motion. This is usually too difficult for under threes to coordinate.

My fire is not in the center of my hearth?

We can offset the fireguard door to suit the position of your fire door. Please contact us when ordering the fireguard to arrange this.

Do I need the optional Fireguard door?

If you open the door of your fire and it swings past the front edge of the hearth, then the answer is most likely to be "yes". If you do not want the fireguard door then you have two options:

  1. When you refuel the fire you can detach the fireguard from the wall, slide it forward and then refuel.
  2. You can increase the size of the fireguard to allow for the fire door opening.

My fire door hinges on the left. What side does the optional fireguard door hinge on?

The fireguard door also hinges on the left. We have not found a fire with a right hand hinging door ever.

What size is the door?

720mm high x 630mm wide (unless otherwise stated.

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About the optional Fireside set

What side is the optional fireside set put on?

This is not permanently attached and can be placed on any of the panels.

What colour are the poker and scraper that come with the fireside set?

Powder coated black, the same as the standard fireguards.

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General FAQs

How long will it take until I receive my Custom-built Product?

From time of order, it will take only about 10 working days to be delivered to your door.

Do I pay for freight?

Yes this is calculated automatically for you at time of checkout. You will see that we have kept our packaging, handling and freight costs to an absolute minimum, so you enjoy easy and cheap delivery - to your door. If you wish to pick up from the factory, please contact us to discuss.

Can I have a different colour to black?

Yes - if you choose the Super Deluxe Superguards, custom( Resene or Dulux) colours are available, and at no extra cost. However our Standard Fireguards only come in black powder coat finish.

Are online payments on this site secure?

Yes, all transactions take place using the DPS service which runs on a totally secure server.

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